Suwanee Fest | September 21 & 22, 2019

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2019 Suwanee Fest Guidelines


There is no gate or admission charge to the public for the festival.

Suwanee Fest may be a warm event. Vendors may bring in a cooler with refreshments and drinks. No glass bottles or alcohol may be brought into the park.

Suwanee Fest is a rain or shine event; it will NOT be rescheduled in case of rain. Weather-related notifications will be posted to and/or


Suwanee Fest is a two-day juried art show for handcrafted and handmade items only. Every attempt will be made to limit vendors in each category and ensure artistic variety based upon application and photos submitted. Each application must include 3 to 5 color photos showing your product, the booth, and you producing the items. Applications received without the required photos cannot be considered for the show.

Because arts and craft exhibitor items must be handcrafted items, no business resale, hobby-crafts, or home-based consultant or retailing is permitted.

Crafters should sell only items submitted in application and photos. Additional items must have the approval of the Suwanee Fest Vendor Committee.

Category Descriptions

Arts & Crafts

Handcrafted items such as needlework, wood work, decorative items, jewelry, soaps, etc. created by the crafter applicant

Fine Arts

Art work, such as paintings, sculptures, pottery, etc. created by the artist applicant

Non Profit

Not-for-profit organizations, such as churches, Scout troops, humane organizations, etc.


Activities such as sand art for children to create, games for children, etc. provided by a vendor whose sole business is providing the activity.

Food Tent

Prepared food sold from a food tent set up in the food court.

Food / Beverage Cart

Items such as lemonade, ice cream, etc. sold from a cart not in the food court.

Food Truck

Prepared food sold from the vendor’s food truck in the food court.

Food Trailer

Prepared food sold from the vendor’s food trailer in the food court.

If you do not personally design and create the goods you intend to sell, you are a business. Businesses interested in participating are invited to apply as a sponsor. To learn more about sponsorship, go to the Sponsor page.

No Non-profit vendor shall engage in a free activity that another vendor is charging for. All free activities offered by Non-profit vendors shall be pre-approved by the Suwanee Fest Committee.

Any exhibitor who misrepresents the content or intent of their booth will be asked to leave the festival area.

Exhibitors who are selling pre-packaged food products will be considered as Arts and Crafts and will not be located in the food court.

The $25 application fee is charged immediately and non-refundable.

Once your application has been accepted, fees are non-refundable for any reason, including weather.

Application fee and booth fees are payable by credit card or PayPal only within 10 days of acceptance.

Special exceptions may be granted, at the discretion of the event organizers, for shared booth space. The guidelines for consideration include:

  1. No more than TWO vendors may apply to share one booth space.
  2. Vendor applications MUST be submitted by the regular deadline, and MUST be submitted together. Vendors must denote that they are applying for one space, sharing the booth fee and physical space.
  3. The application will be subject to jurying (acceptance) as ONE entry. If one of the applicants' wares are not selected by the jury process, then the entire entry - both vendors - will be declined. (For example, a combined pottery/jewelry partnership may be rejected simply because there are already too many jewelry exhibits scheduled.)
  4. In the case of a declined application, the co-applicants have the option of re-applying for independent booth consideration within one week of receipt of the rejection if booth space is still available. The committee will do its best to inform applicants in a timely matter and specify why the booth was not accepted. In the example above, the pottery vendor - without the co-applicant jewelry vendor - may elect to "go it alone" and still submit the application under one name. The single vendor would then be responsible for the entire exhibit fee.
  5. All vendors must still adhere by the guidelines (e.g., homemade items, etc.) set forth for all individual applicants.

The committee reserves the right to limit shared booth acceptances to no more than 5% of the total vendor pool.


All booth spaces are outdoors.

The location of your booth will be indicated in your Suwanee Fest exhibitor packet, which will be EMAILED to you in August. The Suwanee Fest Committee determines the location of all booths, and decisions of the committee are final.

All spaces will be marked and numbered. Signage with your name, business name, and booth number will be placed on your booth location during the festival. There is only a half-foot outside of marked space for tie-downs, weights, etc. NO STAKING OF TENTS IS ALLOWED IN THE PARK. You must use weights (sand bags, concrete buckets, water jugs, etc.) or some other means to secure your tent. Tents should be weighted for wind resistance.

Electricity is a paid amenity and must be reserved with application submission. (Max output is 120 volts.) You must provide your own extension cord - #12 and at least 100 feet.

All product, display items and stock must be located within your assigned booth space.

  • Single booths accommodate 10x10 tents.
  • Double booths accommodate 10x20 tents with 20 feet of sidewalk/pathway space.
  • Deep booths accommodate 10x20 tents with 10 feet of sidewalk/pathway space.
  • L-shape booths accommodate 20 feet of sideway/pathway space with the ability to put a 10x10 tent behind one side of the space.
  • If you set up any shelter behind your tent, you must pay for a deep booth or an L-shape booth.

Vendors may have a QUIET generator in their tent.

Event Protocol

Exhibitors must remain in their booths for the duration of the show. This event is a two-day event. Exhibitors must set-up and display on both show days. A one-day option is not available.

Any exhibitor who leaves the festival prior to the close either day will not be allowed to return to future shows unless proof of emergency is presented.

Exhibitors who did not order tents, tables or chairs on their application must provide all of their own props and equipment, including tents and tables. The festival will provide trash containers, restroom facilities, and eating areas.

Exhibitors are responsible for clean-up of their areas.

Exhibitors must plan to stay in their festival booth space until 7 p.m. on Saturday and noon-5 pm on Sunday.

No booths will be allowed to distribute or give away any food or beverage items, including samples, without prior written consent of the Suwanee Fest Committee.

Exhibitors are solely responsible for collecting, reporting, and paying all sales taxes collected to the Georgia Department of Revenue, Sales and Use Tax Division.

Knives, firearms, fireworks, weapons, or other dangerous items MAY NOT be displayed or offered for sale.

Food Vendors

Only those booths registered as food or concession vendors are allowed to serve or sell food and beverages. NO GREASE IS ALLOWED unless it is in a self-contained vending trailer. Food vendors using grease that is not inside of a vending trailer will be asked to leave the festival.

Food vendors in trailers will be assigned specific set-up times on FRIDAY, September 20. If you are in a concession trailer, please complete all parts of the vendor application, and your assigned time will be sent to you for set-up. It is important you give accurate information as to trailer size including tongue and selling side.

Food vendors are expected to take extra care in handling and disposing of cooking fluids so as not to damage the ground beneath their booths. Remember, NO GREASE is allowed in any food booth unless it is a self-contained vending trailer. Vendors who do not abide will be fined a minimum of $200 and any costs incurred for clean-up. For questions, call Amy Doherty at 770/945-8996.

All food vendors will be required to accept Suwanee Bucks until 7 p.m. on September 21 and 5 pm on September 22. Vendors may submit all Suwanee Bucks to the City of Suwanee tent by 6 p.m. for reimbursement in CASH. Otherwise, Suwanee Bucks must be submitted for reimbursement at City Hall by October 1.

Food vendors applying under the cart fee must fit into a 5’ by 5’ space ONLY. Any vendor who will be selling from a tent, regardless of product (food or beverage), must pay the regular booth fee for exhibit space. This space is a 12’ by 12’ space with a tent no larger than 10’ by 10’.

Food vendors are asked to consider using environmentally friendly products and reduce waste where possible. Suwanee Fest will make every effort to provide recycling of cans and bottles at the festival.


All vendor/booth sponsor vehicles must be parked in the Vendor Parking area no later than 8:30 a.m. September 21 and by 11 am on September 22. Vendor parking will be in a reserved area, and all accepted vendors must use the parking pass issued at event check-in.

PARKING FOR VENDORS AND SPONSORS IS ON A FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED BASIS! Vendor passes do not guarantee a reserved spot on the vendor lot. When the lot is full, vendors, sponsors and exhibitors may use off-site parking and shuttles to return to the festival area.

Setup and Breakdown

Booth set-up will take place beginning at 9 a.m. and continue through 7 p.m. Friday, September 20, and before 8:30 a.m. Saturday, September 21. YOU WILL NEED TO BE IN TOWN CENTER PARK BEFORE 8:30 A.M. ON SATURDAY TO HAVE YOUR BOOTH READY.

All booths must be set up and ready by 8:30 a.m. Saturday, September 21. Your assigned set-up times will be confirmed with your approved application notice. The City of Suwanee will provide police security throughout the day and night Friday, September 20, and overnight on Saturday, September 21, but does not assume liability for any loss.

Booths shall not be dismantled before 5 p.m. September 22. After the festival, merchandise must be packed and the booth completely disassembled before vehicles will be allowed into the festival area for loading and departure. This will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. All booths, excluding food vendors, must be dismantled by 6 p.m.

Each exhibitor will be given an Exit Package during the festival to aid in vendor teardown. Vendors will be loaded first come, first served. All vendors must leave the park by 10 pm Sunday, September 22.

These are the Suwanee Fest vendor guidelines as of December 2018. These guidelines may be subject to change periodically.

Types of Booths

(In park spaces only; food court layout differs)
Booth prices